ChatGPT can remember you now!

For those familiar with the prowess of Chat GPT, there's an exciting update: Remembotron. This new feature introduces the power of long-term memory to our favorite AI.

The Advent of Plugins in OpenAI

Plugins have emerged as game-changers in the OpenAI ecosystem. They're not just add-ons; they're transformative features that amplify Chat GPT's capabilities. And among these, Remembotron stands out, gifting Chat GPT with the ability to remember.

Ready to experience Chat GPT with memory? Dive into a conversation now!

How can you use Remembotron?

Find your new apartment

Imagine you're embarking on the exciting yet daunting task of Apartment Hunting. On Day 1, you share with Chat GPT your dream apartments features, your budget constraints, and preferred neighborhoods. The AI listens, provides suggestions, and even offers a few listings to consider.

A couple of days later, on Day 3, you return, hoping to continue where you left off. With Remembotron, there's no need to rehash details. Chat GPT remembers and immediately presents new listings tailored to your preferences.

By Day 7, you're deep into the hunt, and you seek advice on negotiating rent or understanding lease terms. Again, the AI references the apartments you shortlisted earlier, offering insights specific to your choices.

Learn a new skill

Now, consider you're diving into a New Skill or Hobby. On Day 1, you're all enthusiasm, expressing an interest in learning the violin. Chat GPT provides beginner tips, recommends tutors, and even suggests some starter pieces.

Fast forward to Day 4, and based on your initial discussions, you receive recommendations on beginner-friendly violin tutorials.

By Day 15, you're making progress. You share a snippet of your practice, and Chat GPT, remembering your journey, offers advanced techniques to refine your craft.

Organize an event

Lastly, let's delve into the intricacies of Organizing an Event. Day 1 sees you brainstorming about throwing a surprise 50th birthday party for a parent. You discuss potential themes, guest lists, and even dietary restrictions.

On Day 6, armed with a theme, you revisit the chat to finalize catering options or entertainment. Chat GPT, with its memory, recalls the theme and offers options in line with it.

As Day 12 rolls around and the event nears, you're bound to have last-minute jitters. But with Chat GPT by your side, remembering every detail discussed, you ensure you're on track, checking off last-minute preparations with the help of your AI companion.


The introduction of long-term memory through Remembotron doesn't just make Chat GPT a tool; it transforms it into a collaborative partner. Whether you're apartment hunting, learning a new skill, or organizing an event, the AI now remembers and grows with you.

Eager to see this in action? Jump into a conversation with Remembotron and experience the future of AI chats.

Mike W August 17, 2023